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Getting your audience to convert online is challenging.

My fool-proof, design formulas that turn ordinary graphics into money-making machines, make it easy.

“I’ve bought a ton of courses over my entrepreneurial career and I’ve never bought one that delivered SO MUCH VALUE in such a short amount of time! Convert with Canva is presented beautifully, and so easy to follow!”
 – Sharon Hughes,

The secret to getting your audience to take ACTION every time they see your visual content has to do with how well you master structure and composition in your design.

Not everyone can do it, because NOT every graphic is click-worthy.

Why should your audience pay attention? Why should they stop and look at YOUR content?

You NEED conversions.

And fast. You’re not a graphic designer.

And you don’t plan on hiring one to design all of your graphics, for EVERY piece of content.

Let me teach you how to design the BEST promotional graphics for your brand that get the RIGHT people in your audience clicking and engaging with your brand, in order to increase your audience size and sales.

This is a NO FLUFF course.

Most courses teach you the basics of how Canva works, but they leave out important graphic design strategy…

…the kind that gets you conversions.

I eliminate any guesswork by giving you my fool-proof, graphic design formulas in 12 easy-to-digest video lessons, a 100+ page course ebook, signature templates, and bonus training material.

The design strategies I teach are PLUG and PLAY… (no, for real).

Go from clutter and unclear branding:

To having a clear goal for every single graphic:

This is NOT Canva 101…

Worried that this will be too basic for you?

Instead of wasting your time going through every tool inside Canva (like most Canva courses), I focus on giving you the strategies to design like a pro. Canva is one of the EASIEST design platforms to master, so I figured I’d skip the beginner basics and focus on what will actually bring your business more leads and sales.

This is an intermediate to advanced graphic design course using the Canva platform.

I tackle these key concepts:

I tackle these key concepts:


How to speak to the RIGHT audience so you get qualified leads on your email list, new customers and raving fans. Learn exactly what to say, how to say it and what exactly to include through effective sales copy.


How to design 5 KEY graphics that you must master to grab attention online, grow your audience, and increase your sales. You’ll take away my signature formulas to speed up the design process and also receive my bonus design lessons to take your graphics to the next level.


How to implement graphics seamlessly into your sales funnel (I’ll show you my exact sales funnel sequence), and how to design a different kind of brand board that keeps you CONSISTENT (hint: you’re probably missing these key elements).

Here’s exactly what’s inside:

Lesson 1: Still winging it? Learn how to clearly define your graphic goals in order to increase conversions. Without these, you’re flying blind.

Lesson 2: Want users to take ACTION? And how much is too much? Here’s exactly what you SHOULD be including in every graphic you design.

Lesson 3: Not sure what to say to get them to click? How to simplify and streamline your copy in order to target and speak to the right audience.

Lesson 4: Are your photos helping, or hurting your bottom line? How to choose the right photos in order to ATTRACT more visitors.

Lesson 5: How to design a high-converting website and landing page banner in Canva. Make a killer first impression using these fool-proof steps.

Lesson 6: How to design a high-converting PDF guide in Canva. The quickest way to design ebooks and lead magnets. You’ll wish you had this help the whole time!

Lesson 7: How to design a high-converting, opt-in promo graphic. Increase your leads and grow your list by enticing them to take action.

Lesson 8: How to design 2, high-converting Facebook & Instagram ad types in Canva. Stop wasting money and get a positive ROI.

Lesson 9: How to design high-converting event & webinar graphics. Here’s how to get more signups and registrations in a flash.

Lesson 10: How to use Canva’s motion and animation feature in UNIQUE ways to increase brand awareness and get attention. Slow the scroll NOW.

Lesson 11:  Learn how how to seamlessly implement your graphics into your sales funnels for maximum conversions.

Lesson 12: How to create design standards and END INCONSISTENCY once and for all. What you’re brand board is missing…


1. The Do’s and Don’ts of designing graphics for social media – Pinterest pins, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, etc.

2. How to design unique, custom video titles and graphics for Youtube and online video courses IN CANVA.

3. How to add captions and subtitles to your Youtube or brand videos using Canva + iMovie.

4. How to create custom stickers and gifs for your video content – it can be done!!

5. How to design an ebook promo graphic for your sales pages (with bonus freebie).

“Hi Alicia!  I have been through your course step-by-step.  I hired someone to add a button as you suggested and he redid my landing page!  I also used your suggestions for creating a PDF and sliders. Check out my new landing page!  It looks great. Next, I have to create a Facebook ad. I’m having so much fun!”

 – Veronica M. George,

25+ branded templates INCLUDED!!

Download the complete branded template pack (25+ graphics) to run your next product launch or promotion – all FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE in Canva.

Valued at $97! FREE with enrollment.

This brand campaign template bundle includes:

  • 2 Facebook, single image ads
  • 2 Instagram, single image ads
  • 2 Instagram story ads
  • 2 Pinterest Pins
  • 12-page ebook
    • Cover
    • Table of Contents
    • About me page/welcome page
    • Content pages (5 variations)
    • Checklist pages (3 variations)
    • Call-to-action/social follow/thank you page
  • 1 Popup/Tripwire graphic
  • 2 Email promotional graphics
  • 2 Website headers
  • 2 Event/Webinar graphics
  • 2 Blog content upgrade ads
  • 2 Facebook covers
  • 1 Facebook group cover
  • 1 15-card Slide deck

On the go? You’ll also receive the 100+ page, Convert With Canva ebook, for quick reference

Learn WHY these graphics convert and how to ensure that every piece of visual content you post gets you the results you want, whether it be a social media post, a video, a digital ad, an ebook or webinar graphic.


You don’t need to know Canva basics. You’ve got that down.

You need to know how to design graphics that slow the scroll, increase your awareness, and get your audience to convert.

As a Canva Certified Creative, I’ve got insider tips, tricks and strategies to help you maximize this platform…

…And with over 15 years of graphic design experience, I will help you get ALL the attention online, and show you how I design high-converting graphics for my clients and the Pixistock membership.

No longer will it take you forever to design beautiful graphics that attract the RIGHT audience to your brand.

Ready to design like a pro?


Get the ENTIRE Convert with Canva course, with bonus training material, course eBook, 25+ Canva template bundle & entry into the Brand Builder’s Lounge FB group for just:

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“Thank you, Alicia! I am soooo glad I got your Convert with Canva program. Am learning a lot!!”
– Katherine Moody

Hi, I’m Alicia, the founder of and the creator of Convert with Canva. I’ve designed thousands of graphics for my clients and Pixistock members in my Canva template library.

I know what it’s like to not know where to start, how to design like the professionals and how it’s frustrating to spend hours designing a graphic only to not get many clicks, engagement, sales and ROI from your campaigns.

That’s why I’ve created Convert with Canva. It’s a course that removes the guesswork from designing and focuses on structure and composition to ensure that every graphic you create gets you the results you want. It’s time to stop thinking so hard about design and use this wonderful program to grow your brand in a flash. Ready to dive in?

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for my brand/business?

Whether you’re a service-based or product-based business the design strategies and formulas that I give you work with a variety of different niches. Students and Pixistock members range from candle businesses, to soap-making businesses, to coaches, consultants and authors. If you use Canva for your business, this will work for you.

What types of graphics will I learn to design?

I teach you how to design high-converting graphics that help you make more sales. We cover lead magnets, ebook/pdf guides, promotional graphics, website banners, opt-in graphics, Facebook/Instagram ad types, Animations and gifs, and event graphics – in addition, I teach you how to create a DIFFERENT kind of brand board and signature graphics to enhance your videos.

You’ll also receive a complete, done-for-you brand campaign that has all the Canva templates you need to run any promotion for your business over and over again.

I already know how to use Canva. Is this for me?

Yes! This is NOT a beginner, Canva 101 course. This course is for you if you are somewhat or moderately familiar with the program, as I quickly run through Canva features, but mainly focus on design strategies.

How long does it take to see results?

The course is delivered via video lessons for a total of only about 5-6 hours. From there you’ll be redirected to the Canva Brand Campaign pack where you’ll implement what you’ve learned. If you implement the strategies, use the brand campaign template bundle, and remain consistent, you’ll see results when you launch your next brand campaign.

What if I don't have much time to spend on it now?

This is a go-at-your-own-pace course. You can follow the video tutorials along, stop and go as you wish. I do not drip the content. You get all the lessons upfront, so you can start and end when you are ready. There is also a course ebook to reference offline as needed.

Is the course content dripped?

No! I give you instant access to all lessons at the same time once you have enrolled in the program. You can go through the content at your own speed.

How is the content delivered?

There are 12 video slideshow/tutorial lessons in the course (approximately 30-60 minutes each). They are instantly delivered to you after enrollment. Additionally the entire course is provided in ebook form as well to all students in the program.

I've seen familiar stuff in the past. What makes this different?

It’s different because I don’t center the focus of this program around how Canva works. Canva is fundamentally simple – it’s designing professional graphics that’s harder. I show you how to DESIGN in very little time so you have the graphics you need in a flash. Most Canva courses take you through every tool in the app. But you need results that help you convert, am I right?

Do I need the Canva pro version?

No. However, I HIGHLY suggest you upgrade to the Canva Pro version if you have a business. There is a 30-day free trial to start. Most of the strategies I teach are using the free version, but for full access to all the Canva features, I recommend upgrading. It’s only $12.95 a month!

So Canva is free, but this is paid. What gives?

Canva is a free online web application. In this course, I teach you how to use the free program and how to design professional graphics using its platform.

What if I don't like it. Can I get a refund?

My goal is to make sure you are highly satisfied with the content, but due to the nature of digital downloads, I do not offer refunds. Refunds are made on a case-by-case basis and all inquiries will need to be sent to to be assessed.

Ready to brand like a BOSS using Canva?

If you have any questions, feel free to email the Pixistock team at