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3 thoughts on Lesson 5: How to design a high-converting website and landing page banner in Canva. Make a killer first impression.

  1. Hi Alicia,

    I have a couple Qs. 🙂
    When you export the image at a 2x size, what is the benefit of that, instead of creating the image as 2400px from the beginning? Also, do you recommenced the use of file compression (like tinyjpg) before uploading to a website so that load times are faster?

    Thanks! Amy

    • Hi Amy,

      So you can create it at the larger size in the beginning, however it’s good to start with a smaller file because yes, the larger files can contribute to slower page load times. So you could upload a smaller file and see if it’s blurry when you add it to your webpage, and then increase the file size in Canva if you find that it is blurry. And yes, if you need the file to be smaller for faster load times, you can use a program like that, or simply resize the file in Canva to a smaller size.


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