Welcome to the Pixistock Membership!

Hello, and welcome to the Pixistock Membership!

The goal of Pixistock is to help you create better, more consistent content, so you can get more brand awareness, attract the right people to your brand, and grow you audience.

We help you do that by providing content resources, trainings and design assets centered around Pixistock’s 6 Pillars of Brand Building.

The 6 Pillars of Brand Building

  • Brand Conception
  • Brand Content
  • Brand Composition
  • Brand Consistency
  • Brand Cohesion
  • Brand Connection

The Pixistock membership is a resource hub and a community of like-minded business women, building brands they can be proud of, using digital assets and resources to enhance their current branding or to help them build a brand from scratch.

Inside the Pixistock membership, and depending on your membership level, you have access to:

1. Styled stock photos

Click here to begin browsing the styled stock photo library.

The stock photo library is always growing. We currently host thousands of styled stock images, perfect for service based entrepreneurs, bloggers, creative professionals and tailored towards female entrepreneurs and audiences. Our photos are practical, with a light and airy feel, usable on social media, on your website, blog, for digital ads and more.

We believe that visual content is the starting point to building an attractive online brand.

Every month, we add over 100 stock images to the library based on the requests of our members, to ensure we’re providing the right content for the community.

Newest stock photos are generally uploaded the first week of every month.

Members can fill out the photo request form here.

Styled stock photos can be found under “stock photos” in the navigation menu.



2. Graphics and Templates

Click here to explore our graphic templates.

Additionally, we have thousands of individual graphic templates, professionally designed for you in 30+ categories.

From Pinterest pins, to quote graphics, ebook templates, slide decks and more, the graphic templates come in a variety of colors and styles to help speed up your design process and create beautiful designs even for your clients.

Currently, the templates are designed in Canva, an online graphic design web app, but we will be adding Photoshop templates and templates from GSuite programs in the near future.



3. Adobe Lightroom Presets

Click here to explore the Adobe Lightroom presets.

As we’ve seen how members have used the styled stock photos on their websites and social media, we’ve realized that there was a need to enhance personal photos so they match the quality of the stock photos in order to be cohesive. This has resulted in adding Adobe Lightroom presets to the stock library. Lightroom presets are “filters” that use 30+ image adjustments to enhance a photo’s quality.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to use Pixistock’s signature Lightroom presets. With ONE click, they can be used to:

  1. Enhance product photography for listings
  2. Color correct personal photos
  3. Create a vibrant social media feed
  4. Make your images look professional and more attractive

Do you need to BUY Adobe Lightroom to use these? NO!

All of Pixistock’s signature presets work with the Adobe Lightroom MOBILE APP which is free. You can download and try it out here.

Learn more about how to install Pixistock presets on your mobile phone here.



4. Social Media Content Calendar

Click here to access the content calendar. (for annual members)

By far, one of the most useful tools inside the Pixistock membership, the social media content calendar was created and added to help you create more meaningful content. In order to remain consistent, you must connect with your audience daily, in one way or another on social media to grow you audience.

Using prompts to help you begin to think creatively about your content, the calendar is a blueprint and a starting point to help you create a long-term content marketing plan or strategy.

Using a pdf reader, you’ll see that it includes, hashtag suggestions, quote lists, suggestions for photos and videos and 600+ prompts to help you create content, write posts and captions that increase your engagement.


5. Design Center

Click here to access the Design Center.

Building a brand from scratch is hard. That’s why we’ve created the “Design Center” where you can get inspiration and learn about color theory, explore brand personality types and register your own brand color palette. When you enter your color palette into Pixistock’s database, it allows our team to create and add content to the library using those colors to help make branding and cohesion easier.

In the Design Center, you can also get additional services, such as Template customization, product photography and more. View our collection of mood boards to help you create a perfect color palette and search the library for photos to match.

6. Learning Center

Click here to access the Learning Center.

If you’re new to branding, Canva, graphic design or content creation, you’ll want to browse the learning section of the library to view our collection of tutorials on how to access the content and edit the templates. New tutorials are uploaded every month, where we share how to’s, our go-to design tools and programs and where you can “watch me work” to get inspiration on how to create your own content.

The Learning Center also includes Pixistock masterclasses (coming soon) for our premium members to learn content creation & brand strategies, and implement actionable steps that get proven results to grow your audience and build a follow-worthy brand.

7. Online Courses

Click here to learn about the online programs we offer.

Pixistock offers online courses related to branding, content creation, and graphic design. Our signature course, “The Intentional Brand,” teaches you how to create a follow-worthy brand online using actionable strategies centered around the 6 pillars of brand building. In that program you will learn how to build your brand from scratch, create a clear content marketing plan, learn automation, develop your sales funnels and more.

8. The Brand Builder’s Lounge Private Facebook Group

Click here to request to join (for paid members only).

Connect with other female entrepreneurs who are building incredible brands! Join our thriving community of members and introduce yourself! We want to get to know you and learn all about how you make an impact online. I am in there every week (founder, Alicia Powell), to answer your questions, guide you along and give you feedback on any branding, design projects or content you may be creating.


So welcome! The Pixistock membership is always growing. Every month, we add new content to the stock library and to the learning center that will help you stand out online, get the attention you deserve and grow your audience. As we learn more about your business and the brand you want to build, your continued feedback will help ensure that we’re providing the right content.

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